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No Waist Collection 

Giving value to the waste

We have a No-Waste philosophy in the studio.
By taking care of the leftovers from the production and transform
scraps in to design pieces, we minimize the waste. The leftovers are
sewn together and the seams create a built-up texture and an
asymmetrical design. Each individual piece of clothing from the
NO- WASTE collection is unique.

When the patchwork process is time consuming, we collaborate
with Botkyrka församling, a suburban parish that works with an
integration project: They have started an atelier where refugee women
are able to work. There is a particular Syrian woman, Souad, who
works there and makes this No-Waste patchwork for us. The
project includes sustainability as well as social inovation for integration.

”I think it is important to think sustainably through the whole
design process and for the item itselve. Our philosophy is to provide
high quality and timeless design; You can wear your clothes many years
and that is the most conscious choice”
// Maria Sjödin Designer.

You can see the collection HERE.