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Casual Priest Stories

Casual Priest Stories is an on going art project; portraying the meeting between the costumer and Maria Sjödin, the designer of the brand Causal Priest, where interesting conversations often take form. Discussions about topics as identity, power and how to communicate this through your clothes.

By portaging the priest in a modern context, as a symbol of the modern world, the designer wants to open for thoughts as how this break up the norm of how we look at the common, traditional picture of a priest. 
Causal Priest Stories are these thoughts visualized into an exhibition including pictures and texts. 

The Casual Priest Stories exhibition was showed at a 

Gallery in Berlin during Kirchentag 2017.
And parts of it in Stockholm 2018.

”This is an ongoing project and I would love to make it a traveling Exhibition”  /Maria Sjödin