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The inspiration for Casual Priest Stories as an on-going art project
came from the meetings between the costumers and Maria Sjödin,
when interesting conversations and discussions in the fitting room
took place. The project has become an exhibition with portraits and
texts that visualize thoughts about identity, power and how we relate to
and communicate this through your clothes.

By portaging the Priest in a modern context, as a part of the
modern society, the designer wants to lightening and open up for
thoughts as how this topic break up the norm of how we look at
the common, traditional image of a priest.

The Casual Priest Stories was exhibit at Open Walls Gallery in Berlin
during Kirchentag 2017. Parts of the exhibition was showed at
Värmlands Museum at the exhibition ”Luther, the hidden legacy” 2017
Parts of the exhibition was showed in Stockholm 2017

”Casual Priest Stories is an ongoing project and I would love to
make it a traveling Exhibition”
/Maria Sjödin; Designer / Photographer